About Us

About Us

Real time trade signals from qualified Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Analysts 

Enigma Strategy is a trade adminstrator who provide daily actionable trade ideas for the financial markets. Our products are used by experienced traders with limited time for analysis as well as more novice traders looking to learn from our experts, all with the aim of improving the consistency of their returns.

Enigma Strategy's automated proprietary trading system has been created by professional financial programmers. We use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in trading and quantitative finance.

Our algorithm determines the best parameters for itself by training on a sample dataset; this is then evaluated, on an out of sample dataset to see how it would perform in a real trading environment. The algorithm is retrained each week to adapt to new market behaviours and can vary parameters within limitations, such as the stop loss level having a fixed minimum and maximum. 

Our Enigma system has been successfully tested, proven and trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. After many years of experience and testing, we are pleased to be able to provide our product to assist you in your trading journey.

What sets us apart?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Our proprietary systems use their cognitive functioning to identify and solve problems just like humans but in a fraction of the time. Enigma Strategy is maintained by an expert team who hold professional qualifications in Finance, Biomedical Engineering, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is changing how financial institutions operate. By enabling computers to learn, we can progressively improve performance over time. It is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. At Enigma Strategy, we use purely Machine Learning to establish our risk parameters for signals and have oversight of our systems.


Re-modelling, rethinking and redesigning the transparency in which signals are distributed. We provide independent verification tools and send all our signals with stop loss, take profit, trade order number and price format. We disclose the closed result of each trade whether the trade has made a profit or loss unlike any other signal provider and trade live off the signals we distribute, Unlike several other signal provider's we disclose and show and verify all performance using independent third party verification tools, and unlock all analytics for you to review with complete transparency.


Our forex signals will provide you with strategic guidance about when to buy and sell the major currency pairs. Both long term & short term signals, for diversification. 

All signals are sent as pending orders, and our support team aims to respond promptly during business hours

  • Verified track record

  • Pay no performance or management fees!

  • Email question & helpdesk support

  • Free education video resources on request

  • Signals are sent via application based software and email (on request)


At Enigma Strategy we are delighted to be partnered with Knightsbridge Trading Academy. FREE accredited learning once you become a customer with Enigma Strategy. Knightsbridge Trading Academy is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. They work in conjunction with London Stock Exchange Group and it's Academy, and run teaching programmes accredited by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) and the body of continued professional development (CPD)