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Mid-Week Report 2nd October 2019

3 October 2019 10:29am

EURUSD has now created a bullish impulse wave higher off the low at wave (b). Wave 'i' and 'ii' of (c) created a higher low at 1.0904, and todays trade brought another rally in what should be wave 'iii' of (c). Wave 'iii' must now hold above 1.0904 and continue higher for the rest of the week....


15 August 2019 8:04am

  The triangle within wave (b) has created a larger structure than previously thought. The price range continued to contract into Tuesdays high. and that completed wave 'b' as shown. The decline today is labelled as wave 'c' of (b), And if wave 'c' traces out a five wave decline, that will...

The Week Ahead 12th August 2019

11 August 2019 10:57pm

EURUSD: The sideways correction in EURUSD rumbles on today. The current triangle is either wave 'b' of (b) as shown, or this triangle is going to complete wave (b) all together. I that case, Thursdays low at 1.1176 will not be broken again, and wave (c) will begin with a break of 1.1250.Monday;...

The Week Ahead: The US Market rolls over

6 August 2019 1:08pm

EURUSD has continued Fridays rally today, and we now have a break above the initial resistance at 1.1190. The action today has carried right into the target area for wave (a). So we should see a corrective three wave decline in wave (b) begin tomorrow. Wave (b) will likely find support at the 1...

MID WEEK MARKET REPORT 1st August 2019. The Bears roll into town!

1 August 2019 10:06am

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The week ahead 29th July 2019

29 July 2019 11:39am

GBPUSD:  Cable also fell further last week and with every passing day we get closer to my long term target of 108.00.  This action now looks like we are on the way lower on a wave 3. This slide should continue as we go into the week. The next significant target will be 1.21. The intraday position...

Mid week-update 24th July

26 July 2019 10:47am

Cable has fallen off Wednesdays high in a three wave form so far. This action suggests that wave (c) is either tracing out a three wave move higher to complete wave [ii] at 1.2580. This would classify wave [ii] as a combination correction Or, wave (b) is still ongoing and as a contracting...


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