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Below is a list of Enigma algorithmic and machine learning products



Conservative forex strategy  

About this strategy:

This strategy uses machine learning techniques to evaluate market positions based on a proprietary signal. Our algorithms systematically determines each trades entry and exit positions and capital allocation and determines the best parameters for itself by training on an in sample dataset; this is then evaluated on an out of sample dataset to see how it would perform in a real trading environment. The algorithms are retrained each week to adapt to new market behaviours. 

Algorithms are only able to vary parameters within set risk managed limitations, such as the stop loss level having a fix minimum and maximum. 

Additionally further risk management tools include a higher level portfolio risk management tool which prevents trades being made if the portfolio is under diversified or over-leveraged. 

Instruments traded: Primarily 4 major FX pairs.  

The system uses various risk management tools, one of which is sentiment analysis which aggregates and updates within milliseconds based on machine learning. Our risk parameters change based on fundamental and technical price movements.

Position size: Maximum position size is 0.5% and the minimum position size is 0.2%, the model determines the most appropriate position size.

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Enigma Scalping Strategy  

About this strategy:

This strategy can be described as a hedging-grid strategy. However, it has a hedge script implemented which protects your account from big market waves. Hedging means our algorithms go long and short the same pair at the same time. The EA uses the one-minute time frame and can trade multiple currency pairs. As for indicators, it triggers trades if the RSI and MACD rules apply. The most used currency pairs are EUR/USD – AUD/NZD – GBP/JPY. It is preferable to pick pairs that are uncorrelated.  Per $1,500 you can trade one pair and it is recommended to start with at least two pairs.

In case a trend keeps going strongly for 500 pips or more without any correction this algorithm can experience some drawdown. Of course, this totally depends on your account size.  Changing pairs or simply adding additional funds are a common ways to overcome this issue. 


Enigma Newbie

About this strategy:

All the trades broadcast on Enigma Nebie are curated by our team of professional traders.  We aim to offer 5-10 high probability trade set-ups per week, basing our technical analysis around contemporary interpretations of Elliott wave Theory and Japenese Candlestick theory
All trade set-ups include a clearly presented chart with a brief description that explains the technical behind each trade. 
This group has been created for beginner traders looking to develop and sharpen their skills with the aim of getting them trading independently and confidently. 



Equities strategy

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Options Strategy

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